Creativity, experience and professionalism


Creativity, experience and professionalism

assimo Braccialini is the son of art. From a young age he has been involved in the family business and for many years worked closely with his mother Carla Braccialini, first as a stylist and then as Art Director, contributing to making Braccialini bags known and appreciated worldwide as a symbol of originality and exclusivity. With her passion and creativity she left an indelible mark in the history of Italian leather goods. Creating something from nothing is the challenge that drives him to go beyond limits. Today, with even more impetus, he has created a new line of bags under the brand name M★BRC, which, while maintaining its creative DNA, is aimed at a public with a modern and contemporary taste. An ambitious project born out of the need for change where Massimo expresses his sensitivity to the universe of fashion at 360 degrees. The product is at the centre of his creations and is what identifies the Maison, fully expressing the brand's vision. For Massimo, sensing the success of a product is at the heart of every project. The M★BRC leather collections play on attention to detail and detail, they are contemporary, fresh and up-to-date. The products that are created thus express a strong identity, but at the same time appeal to a heterogeneous market. Research, experimentation and experience are their strengths and are combined with the satisfaction of creating and interpreting the needs of a constantly evolving world.

The inspiration for my bag collections comes from simple things: an image, a journey, nature, history… life!

Massimo Braccialini

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